Bear Hunting in Japan 1957 - RRACI

Bear hunting in Japan @ 1957

From a Japanese language book once owned by Mrs. Liz Harrell of Akita Tani Kennels, "Comp. by Aiken no Tomo, Akitaken Dokuhon (The Akita Dog Readers) Tokyo 1957, Seikodo Shinkosha". At page 24 is the above photo of a white Akita standing behind a dead bear with shotgun lying on the bear.

Ms. Mitsko Suzaki of Akita Watch, Canada, has (06/2000) translated this as: "This is a narrative of an Akita-Matagi hunter. It describes the gifted ability of Akitas: protective, athletic and fearless even when confronted by a giant bear (this bear is 10-shaku=(?) 10') ... the Akita flushed the bear and kept it at bay till the owner/hunter came to shoot."

K's translation on 07/31/2002:
Picture caption: "This dog is not afraid of bears even ones 10 shaku (roughly 9 feet) tall. Sometimes they will go after bears & stop them from attacking until they can be shot by the master. The dogs win very easily over human burglars."
Article: **note: the beginning and end have been cut off, so this is just the part showing**
"... stronger than European dog. If anybody knows the Akita dog, they know that they are the most perfect dog in this size for ability, style and power.
In the old days, lots of people would take this dog to the snowy mountains for hunting. They took Akitas with them because sometimes there would be more than 10 days of a snowstorm, so the people would need food and kill the dog for their survival. But, this kind of dog is best for guarding and watching. I even take this dog fishing in the summer. The Akita dogs are for climbers, hikers, explorers, and for very strong labor workers and they support you and guard you. Also, dog can guide you to safe place when walking. And if they have to, they can save your life with meat. In some foreign countries, they use the Newfoundland for water guarding. They like because the dog swims well, is not afraid of big things, has a big body and much courage. It can even go and save human lives. Also, can grab rope and go to boats that are sinking. As I already said, Akita floats in water very well because muscle and bones are dense. Most animals get from their mothers the ability to swim, but guard dogs have been living with humans for a long time in an unnatural way so they lost the wonderful ability to float much. But, Akita dog still has it ..."